Division Awards


Research and Development Journal (September 2008)
"Top 100 R&D Significant Technologies Introduced to the Market"
Sensor Web 2.0, Wildfire Research and Applications Partnership

Recipient, 2008 Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer,
Far West Region Outstanding partnership Award to the Wildfire Research and Applications Partnership

Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) Operations Award
(Brent Cobleigh; Project Team Member, Lead of NASA's Ikhana UAV for
the WSFM Missions)
Distinguishes an AUVSI member or non-member directly involved in the
testing, evaluation and/or operational deployment of unmanned
systems. June 2008

Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) Best Paper Award
(P. Hall; Project Team Member, NASA Ikhana UAV for the WSFM Missions)
Paper: “Operational Experience With Long-Duration Wildfire Mapping
UAS Missions Over the Western United States.” June 2008

American Meteorological Society Henry G. Houghton Award
Azadeh Tabazadeh (2003)

Popular Science Brilliant 10
Azadeh Tabazadeh (2002)

American Geophysical Union James B Macelwane Medal
Azadeh Tabazadeh (2001)

Distinguished Alumni Award, Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi, India
Hanwant Singh (2001)

Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE)
Azadeh Tabazadeh (1999)

Co-Recipient Leo Szilard Award for Physics in the Public Interest from the Ames Physical Society

37th Annual Arthur Flemming Award from Washington JCees

Co-Recipient International Peace Garden Award from U. of North Dakota

Frank A. Chambers Award

Award for "Outstanding achievement, university recognized as a major contribution to the science and art of air pollution" by U.S. Air and Waste Management Association

Women in Aerospace: Outstanding Achievement Award

Women's Influence Network
Laura T. Iraci (2013)

Federal Employee of the Year Finalist Award


NASA Meritorious Executive Award
Estelle P. Condon (2005)

NASA Exceptional Achievement Medal
Kent Shiffer (2014)
Ramakrishna R. Nemani (2011)
Hanwant Singh (2009)
Marilyn F. Vasques (2008)
Michael T. Gaunce (2006)
Bernadette Luna (2006)
Hanwant Singh (2005, 2009)
Louisa R. Beck (2004)
Christopher S. Potter (2004)
Lynn J. Rothschild (2004)
Michael S. Craig (2003)
Steven S. Wegener (2002)
R. Stephen Hipskind (1995)

NASA Exeptional Engineering Achievement Medal
Don Sullivan (2014)
Roy Johnson (2013)

Warren J. Gore (2004)
Paul Bui (1996)
Warren J. Gore (1992)

NASA Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal
Eric J. Jensen (2011)
Ramakrishna R. Nemani (2009)
Azadeh Tabazadeh (2001)

Hanwant B. Singh (1998)
Peter A. Pilewskie (1997)
Warren J. Gore (1992)
Francis P. Valero (1991)
Owen B. Toon (1989)

NASA Outstanding Leadership Medal
Michael S. Craig (2016)
Dave E. Jordan (2016)

Ramakrishna R. Nemani (2012)
James Brass (2005)
Estelle P. Condon (1996)

NASA Exceptional Service Medal
Marilyn Vasques (2016)
Michael S. Craig (2011)

David L. Peterson (2004)
Donna Z. Lacy (2002)
Pamela A. Matson (1993)
Estelle P. Condon (1989)

Equal Employment Opportunity Medal
Ved Chirayath (2016)

NASA Group Achievement Award
Airborne Tropical Tropopause Experiment (ATTREX) (2016)
NASA Earth Exchange Team (2016)
UCSC-ARC HyspIRI Team (2016)

MIZOPEX (2014)
Ocean Color Ecosystem Assessment (2014)
Sea Grass/Coral Reef UAV (2014)
SEAC4RS (2014)
Earth System Modeling and Supercomputing Course (2013)
NASA Earth Exchange Development Team (2013)
NASA Global Hawk IT Infrastructure Development Team (2013)
Surprise Valley UAV Team (2013)
Coastal and Ocean Airborne Science Testbed (COAST) (2012)
Ames Railroad Valley (RRV) Experiment 2011 Team (2012)
4STAR Development Team (2011)
Forrest Carbon Team (2011)
Global Hawk Pacific Mission Team (2011)
Terrestrial Observation and Prediction System (2011)
CASIE Team (2010)
ARCTAS (2009)
NASA Southern Ocean Gas Exchange Experiment Team (2009)
NOVICE Team (2009)
Western States UAS Fire Mission Team (2008)

Tropical Composition, Cloud, and Climate Coupling (TC4) Team (2008)
Wildfire Research and Applications Partnership Team (2008)
International Chemical Transport Experiment-North America (INTEX-NA) Team (2005)

NASA Public Service Medal
Vincent G. Ambrosia (2009)
Christopher Potter (1996)


Ames Honor Award for Excellence
Western States Fire Mission Team (2007)

Ames Honor Award for Administrative Professional
Evelyn T. Perez (2006)

Ames Honor Award for Best First Paper at Ames
Ann M. Fridlind (2004)

Ames Honor Award for Contractor Employee
Julie M. Nottage (2010)
Forrest Melton (2009)
Cynthia L. Schmidt (2004)

Ames Honor Award for Group/Team
Sea Grass/Coral Reef UAV Team (2013)
Ames Railroad Valley (RRV) Experiment Team (2011)
Forest Carbon Team (2010)
CASIE Team (2009)
Wildfire Research and Applications Partnership (WRAP) Team (2009)
ARC TOPS Proposal Team (2006)

Ames Honor Award for Mentor
Laura T. Iraci (2009)
Joseph W. Skiles III (2006)

Ames Honor Award for Project Manager
Stephen E. Dunagan (2005)
Kent C. Shiffer (2006)

Ames Honor Award for Scientist/Researcher
Eric J. Jensen (2014)
Ramakrishna R. Nemani (2006, 2009)
Louisa R. Beck (2004)
Philip B. Russell (2002)
Andrew S. Ackerman (2001)
Lawrence P. Giver (1999)
Charles Chackerian, Jr. (1998)
Peter A. Pilewskie (1995)

Ames Honor Award for Secretary/Administrative Support
Jennifer Whalen (2001)

Ames Honor Award: Student
Amber J. Kuss (2014)

Ames Honor Award for Supervisor/Manager
James A. Brass (2014) 

Ames Honor Award for Craftman/Technician
Richard W. Kolyer (2009)
Antonio A. Trias (2004)
Larry W. Pezzolo (1997)

H. Julian Allen Award
Hanwant Singh (1998)
O. Brian Toon (1998)



Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science
Philip B. Russell (2005)

Fellow of the California Academy of Sciences

Fellow of the American Geophysical Union
Phillip B. Russell (2014)
Hanwant Singh (2000)
Azadeh Tabazadeh (2001)

Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences at 212th Annual Meeting

Fellow of the American Meteorological Society

Fellow of the World Innovation Foundation (WIF)
Hanwant Singh (2005)

Ames Associate Fellows
Christopher Potter (2007)
Philip B. Russell (1994)
Francisco Valero (1992)
Pam Matson (1991)
Hanwant Singh (1990)
O. Brian Toon (1986)


Associate Editor, Journal of Aerosol Science
Anthony W. Strawa

Associate Editor, Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences
Ann M. Fridlind (2004)

Editor in Chief, Geophysical Research Letters

Executive Editor, Atmospheric Environment
Hanwant Singh

Associate & Guest Editors, Journal of Geophysical Research

Associate Editor, Geophysical Research Letters

Associate Editor, Atmospheric Environment