Landsat Reveals Continued Tree Dieback in the Sierra Nevada...

Scientists in Code SGE are generating new maps of the 2013-2015 drought impacts on all forests of the Sierra Nevaga range based on yearly changes in t...

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Page from Scientific American

NEX credited in September issue of Scientific American

A 4-page article in Scientific American (Sept, 2016) used the NEX-GDDP dataset as a basis for a global map highlighting current and future impacts of ...

Scientific American
Team of small satellites

Sreeja Nag Highlighted in MIT News

Sreeja Nag was highlighted on the cover of MIT news: “A team of small, shoebox-sized satellites, flying in formation around the Earth, could estimat...

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ORACLES flowchart of mission activities

ORACLES press release on

A new NASA airborne field experiment planned for this summer will make key airborne measurements of clouds and smoke particles over the southeastern A...

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NASA Ames' Science Director delivers 2015 State of the...

Dr. Michael D. Bicay, Director of the Science Directorate at NASA Ames Research Center held an all-hands meeting for Code S employees at the Syverston...

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New NASA global data set to forecast future global temperature chages

NASA Releases Detailed Global Climate Change Projections

NASA Chief Scientist Ellen Stofan made an announcement Tuesday, about the work that the NEX team has done in partnership w/ the NAS (NASA Advanced Sup...

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Areas of disturbed forest and woodland cover in Santa Clara County.

Major changes in Forest and woodland vegetation cover in Santa...

A new study published in the journal "Current Urban Studies" by NASA Ames scientist Christopher Potter has documented major changes in forest and woo...

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SGE Highlights: August 09, 2017

  • Juan L. Torres-Pérez – Will participate in the 38th US Coral Reef Task Force in Ft. Lauderdale from August 9-11th. Dr. Torres-Pérez has been an active member of the Steering Committee, the Watershed Working Group and the Climate Change Working Group. He will give a presentation of the CoralBASICS project and the current DEVELOP USVI Eco Forecasting I project.
  • DEVELOP – The Summer Term DEVELOP Ames Closeout will be held on Tuesday August 8th at the N245 Auditorium (see attached flyer). Everyone is invited!!
  • Jenna Williams, Mariana Webb, Josh Verkerke and Rebecca Lehman from the DEVELOP internship program and Cindy Schmidt will be attending the NASA Applied Science Capacity Building Showcase event at NASA HQ in Washington DC on Friday, August 4. Jenna Williams and Mariana Webb will be giving a highlight talk and presenting a poster on the Chile Water Resources project. Josh Verkerke will present a poster on the Lassen Volcanic National Park project and Rebecca Lehman will present a poster on the U.S. Virgin Islands Ecological Forecasting project.  Javier Chaud, from the Chilean Embassy will be attending the event and giving a presentation on how the DEVELOP project can positively impact the country and aid in decision making. Cindy Schmidt will be presenting a poster on the NASA Applied Science Ecological Forecasting program, and also giving a presentation and presenting a poster on the NASA Capacity Building Indigenous Peoples Initiative.  Jenna Williams will also be meeting with Jack Lincoln, a staffer for Congressman Doug La Malfa from California to discuss the DEVELOP projects.
  • Matthew Johnson will be visiting NOAA/ESRL on 08/07/17 to initiate collaborative research applying CarbonTracker models at ARC for a recently funded IDS proposal focused on methane emissions from wetlands, lakes, and reservoirs.
  • Liane Guild, United States Coral Reef Task Force Meeting 08/07/17 – 08/12/17 ( Represent NASA as the point of contact for the NASA member of the United States Coral Reef Task Force (Executive Order). Representing Dr. Paula Bontempi, Headquarters Program Manager of Ocean

Biology and Biogeochemistry, Carbon Cycle and Ecosystems Focus Area Lead, Fort Lauderdale, FL 08/06/17– 08/13/17.

  • Vern Vanderbilt will present his talk at the NCTS# 27722-17 SPIE Optics and Photonics,

            San Diego, CA, 08/07/17 – 08/10/17.
“Estimating the relative water content of leaves in a cotton canopy.”

  • Donald Sullivan, Member of U.S. Delegation to the joint NASA/CONAE sponsored NCTS# 30100-17 “Strengthening Disaster Risk Reduction Across the Americas: A Regional Summit on the Contribution on Earth Observations”, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 08/27/17 – 09/09/17.
  • Matthew Johnson will give an oral presentation titled, "Evaluating a priori ozone profile information used in TEMPO (Tropospheric Emissions: Monitoring of Pollution) tropospheric ozone retrievals" on 09/20/17 at the 2017 TOLNet NASA Science Team Meeting being held at the Environment and Climate Change Canada's Centre For Atmospheric Research Experiments, Egbert, Ontario, Canada 09/19/2017 - 09/21/2017.
  • Steve Dunagan, Donald Sullivan, Joseph Skiles, Matthew Johnson, Liane Guild, Diana Gentry, and Ved Chirayath will be attending the NCTS # 28919-18 American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting 2017 in New Orleans, LA 12/10/17 – 12/16/17. 


  • 08/02/17:  David Bubenheim completed an interview with Stephanie Matteis of CBC.  Stephanie is doing a story on “Super Foods” and is interested in work David has done with Quinoa.  David did some of the early work in North America and Europe with Quinoa to look at its desirable nutritional value and potential in Controlled Ecological Life Support Systems.  Early publication from 93 gets all kinds of attention as a result (it shows up early in Wikipedia for Quinoa) and UN designated 2013 as the Year of Quinoa.  It was/is one of many new and underutilized crops we consider and work with.  Quinoa is one of the crops our commercial collaborators remain interested in and it is a nice model crop for many science studies.
  • Stephanie Matteis may want to come to ARC and shoot a segment in near future.

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