Areas of disturbed forest and woodland cover in Santa Clara County.

Major changes in Forest and woodland vegetation cover in Santa...

  A new study published in the journal "Current Urban Studies" by NASA Ames scientist Christopher Potter has documented major changes in forest and...

Collage of Global Hawk photos taken during the 2014 mission. Image Credit:  NASA/ Brian Kelly and Erin Czech

HS3 Hurricane Mission Investigated Four Tropical Cyclones in...

NASA's Hurricane and Severe Storm Sentinel, or HS3, mission investigated four tropical cyclones in the 2014 Atlantic Ocean hurricane season: Cristobal...

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The DC-8 airborne laboratory is one of several NASA aircraft that will fly in support of five new investigations into how different aspects of the interconnected Earth system influence climate change.

NASA Airborne Campaigns Tackle Climate Questions from Africa to...

Five new NASA airborne field campaigns will take to the skies starting in 2015 to investigate how long-range air pollution, warming ocean waters, and ...

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3-D printed wing part for the FrankenEye aircraft.

It's Alive! Ames Engineers Harvest and Print Parts for New...

It's more an engineer's dream than nightmare - to rapidly prototype and redesign aircraft using 3-D printed parts. That's just what a team of student ...

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The ARISE research team lines up in front of the NASA C-130 at Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska, for a group photo

ARISE Researchers Close out Alaska Field Campaign

Data from ARISE will help scientists understand the relationship between ocean and ice surfaces and clouds and the role that relationship plays in the...

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NASA's HS3 Looks Hurricane Edouard in the Eye

Scientists on NASA's HS3 mission got lucky on September 17 when the remotely piloted Global Hawk dropped a sonde that fell in Hurricane Eduoard's eye ...

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This image of the King wildfire in the California Sierras was captured by the MASTER spectrometer aboard NASA's high-flying ER-2 on Sept. 19. The towns of Placerville and Pollock Pines along Highway 50 are at lower left; Lake Tahoe and Tahoe City are at upper right.

NASA ER-2 Captures Image of King Fire in Sierras

MASTER spectrometer image overlaid on a Google Earth photo graphically depicts the fire's boundaries in the visible through thermal infrared spectrum....

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Earth Science at Ames


    Who We Are & What We Do


    Highlights for Mar. 27, 2015


    • Recent publications:
      • Kudela, Raphael M., Sherry L. Palacios, David C. Austerberry, Emma K. Accorsi, Liane S. Guild, and Juan Torres-Perez.  2015. Application of Hyperspectral Remote Sensing to Cyanobacterial Blooms in Inland Waters, Remote Sensing of Environment, doi: 10.1016/j.rse.2015.01.025.
      • Vega-Rodriguez, M., F. Muller-Karger, P. Hallock, G. Quiles-Perez, M. Eakin, M. Colella, D. Jones, J. Li, I. Soto, L. Guild, S. Lynds, and R. Ruzicka. 2015.  Influence of water-temperature variability on stony coral diversity in Florida Keys patch reefs, Marine Ecology Progress Series, doi: 10.3354/meps11268.


    Synbio news

    • On March 16 the embargo was lifted on a paper that Rothschild’s lab will be publishing in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA (PNAS): "Surface biosignatures of exoEarths: Remote detection of extraterrestrial life". The paper was in collaboration with Rothschild’s Planetary Biology Intern fellow Sid Hedge from the Max Plank Institute and now Cornell, his thesis advisor, Dr. Lisa Kaltenegger, and two current members of Rothschild’s lab, Dr. Ivan Paulino-Lima (NPP) and Mr. Ryan Kent. 
      The article is available online:



    • Vince Ambrosia, Robert Dahlgren and Matt Fladeland met with Chris Cruz, Department Chair of Park Management and Geospatial Technology Program Coordinator at West Valley College, Saratoga, CA. on 16 March to discuss collaboration between the college and NASA-ARC on development of a UAS program at the school.  The collaborative effort would potential involve an exchange of scientific expertise and support to class lecturing within the newly established program at the College.  The parties are exploring the necessary mechanisms for collaboration.


    • The 4th NASA Carbon Cycle & Ecosystems Joint Science Workshop (CC&E JSW4) will be held April 20-22, 2015 with program team meetings following on April 22-23.  The CC&E JSW4 is organized by the Carbon Cycle & Ecosystems (CC&E) Focus Area Program Managers:
      • Paula Bontempi- CC&E Focus Area Lead and Program Manager of Ocean Biology and Biogeochemistry
      • Kathy Hibbard and Eric Kasischke - Terrestrial Ecology
      • Garik Gutman- Land Cover and Land Use Change
      • Woody Turner- Biodiversity and Ecological Forecasting
      • Brad Doorn- Applied Sciences

    The CC&E JSW4 is a science team meeting for Principal Investigators, Co-Investigators, Collaborators and Students who have been funded through NASA’s Carbon Cycle and Ecosystems Focus Area programs that provides an opportunity to share scientific research results and foster interdisciplinary interactions. The CC&E Focus Area managers consider the JSW4 to be a team meeting to which NASA investigators are expected to attend.  As with previous meetings, the CC&E JSW4 will be used to plan the evolution of disciplinary and interdisciplinary science relevant to CC&E.  Attendees:  Liane Guild, Sherry Palacios, Juan Torres-Perez, Cindy Schmidt, Jennifer Dungan, and Jay Skiles.

    • Ju-Mee Ryoo (Laura Iraci’s postdoc) will participate in the Transboundary Ozone Pollution Conference on Mar. 31-Apr. 2, 2015 in Yosemite, CA. The conference is a partnership between NASA’s Air Quality Applied Science Team (AQAST) and the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution District.  Ryoo, J-M, et al., “Investigation of ozone sources in California using AJAX airborne measurements and models: implications for stratospheric intrusion and long range transport.”


    • V. Vanderbilt will serve as a participant for the NESSF (NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowship) Carbon Cycle and Ecosystems Panel in Washington D.C. March 31-April 2, evaluating proposals submitted to the NESSF program.


    • Jay Skiles will serve on a review panel for the NESSF selection, as well.  Skiles was assigned 18 proposals to review, six of which he is the primary reviewer.


    • Code SGG researchers will present research results at the 2015 European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly on Apr. 12-17, 2015 in Vienna, Austria:
      -  Eric Jensen, “Overview of the Airborne Tropical TRopopause EXperiment (ATTREX)”
    -  Jens Redemann et al., “Aerosol-cloud interactions in the South-East Atlantic: knowledge gaps, planned observations to address them, and implications for global climate change modeling”
    • Code SGG researchers will be participating at the SEAC4RS (Studies of Emissions and Atmospheric Composition, Clouds and Climate Coupling by Regional Surveys) Science Team Meeting on Apr. 28 – May 1, 2015 at Caltech Campus, Pasadena, CA.  Participants and titles are:
      • Jon Dean-Day (BAER), “Evaluating spatial scales of Eddy convariance fluxes over the Southeastern United States using 20-Hz wind and temperature data from the NASA DC-8 Meteorological Measurement System” (poster)
      • Eric Jensen, “Processes controlling the lower stratospheric water vapor enhancement over the North American monsoon” (oral)
      • Samuel LeBlanc (NPP, Jens Redemann advisor), “Cloud properties retrieved from airborne measurements of transmitted and reflected shortwave spectral radiation” (oral)
      • Leonhard Pfister, “A meteorological overview of the SEAC4RS mission” (oral)
      • Leonhard Pfister, “Convective influence in the North American UTLS during SEAC4RS: Air origins and comparison with previous years” (poster)
      • Emma Yates (BAER), “Airborne measurements and emission estimates of greenhouse gases and other trace constituents from the 2013 California Yosemite Rim wildfire” (poster)
    Eric Jensen will be the moderator for the SEAC4RS studies of the microphysics, dynamics, and radiative properties of clouds session.
    • Kirk Knobelspiesse is planning to present a talk entitled “Determination of cloud thermodynamic phase with ground based, polarimetrically sensitive, passive sky radiometers” at the 15th Electromagnetic and Light Scattering Conference on Jun. 2-26, 2015 in Leipzig, Germany.


    • Eric Jensen and colleagues are organizing a meeting entitled “Composition and transport in the tropical troposphere and lower stratosphere” on Jul. 20-23, 2015 in Boulder, CO.


    For additional highlights, click here