New NASA global data set to forecast future global temperature chages

NASA Releases Detailed Global Climate Change Projections

NASA Chief Scientist Ellen Stofan made an announcement Tuesday, about the work that the NEX team has done in partnership w/ the NAS (NASA Advanced Sup...

NASA Releases Detailed Global Climate Change Projections
Areas of disturbed forest and woodland cover in Santa Clara County.

Major changes in Forest and woodland vegetation cover in Santa...

  A new study published in the journal "Current Urban Studies" by NASA Ames scientist Christopher Potter has documented major changes in forest and...

Collage of Global Hawk photos taken during the 2014 mission. Image Credit:  NASA/ Brian Kelly and Erin Czech

HS3 Hurricane Mission Investigated Four Tropical Cyclones in...

NASA's Hurricane and Severe Storm Sentinel, or HS3, mission investigated four tropical cyclones in the 2014 Atlantic Ocean hurricane season: Cristobal...

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The DC-8 airborne laboratory is one of several NASA aircraft that will fly in support of five new investigations into how different aspects of the interconnected Earth system influence climate change.

NASA Airborne Campaigns Tackle Climate Questions from Africa to...

Five new NASA airborne field campaigns will take to the skies starting in 2015 to investigate how long-range air pollution, warming ocean waters, and ...

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3-D printed wing part for the FrankenEye aircraft.

It's Alive! Ames Engineers Harvest and Print Parts for New...

It's more an engineer's dream than nightmare - to rapidly prototype and redesign aircraft using 3-D printed parts. That's just what a team of student ...

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The ARISE research team lines up in front of the NASA C-130 at Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska, for a group photo

ARISE Researchers Close out Alaska Field Campaign

Data from ARISE will help scientists understand the relationship between ocean and ice surfaces and clouds and the role that relationship plays in the...

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NASA's HS3 Looks Hurricane Edouard in the Eye

Scientists on NASA's HS3 mission got lucky on September 17 when the remotely piloted Global Hawk dropped a sonde that fell in Hurricane Eduoard's eye ...

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    Highlights for July 2, 2015


    During the U.S. Coral Reef Task Force's Watershed Partnership Initiative Working Group monthly call, it was announced that part of the benthic characterization data collected for the reef associated with the Manati River watershed, as part of the Human Impact to Coastal Ecosystems in Puerto Rico (HICE-PR) project, may be used by the Puerto Rico Dept. of Natural and Environmental Resources to support the establishment of the "Underwater Gardens" Marine Reserve in the north coast of Puerto Rico.


    Juan L. Torres-Perez and Liane Guild will participate in a Soil Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) workshop as part of the HICE-PR project in Puerto Rico from July 13-17, 2015.  The SWAT model will be applied to one of the main watersheds of the island to study impacts of land cover/land use changes in the sediment regime of the Manati River in the north coast and potential impacts to the coastal ecosystems associated with this watershed.

    Juan L. Torres-Perez was interviewed during the past week by a reporter for El Nuevo Dia, the main newspaper in Puerto Rico.  As part of their Science section, the newspaper highlighted the HICE-PR project's efforts to study the ecosystem of the north coast of the island.  Link (in Spanish):


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